What Can I Do With Lots of Leftover Cupcakes? Good Questions

What Can I Do With Lots of Leftover Cupcakes? Good Questions

Faith Durand
Aug 13, 2009

Q: I work at a nonprofit agency and every Friday, a local cupcake store donates their day-olds to us. The thing is, they give us WAY too many cupcakes. Our staff is pretty small and we always end up throwing away dozens and dozens of them the next week.

What can I do with a bunch of cupcakes (not iced) besides toss them?

Sent by Alex

Editor: Alex, that is a nice problem to have, and this is a fun question! Our initial thought is to re-gift the cupcakes to another nonprofit or food bank. Sometimes that is not an option, though, for liability reasons. (Some food banks don't accept prepared foods or day-olds like these.)

So, if you are stuck with lots of unfrosted cupcakes regularly, and if you don't have a simple way to give them away, we suggest freezing them, well-wrapped in layers of plastic wrap or in heavy-duty bags. The cupcakes probably won't be great for eating straight after being frozen, but they can be sliced later for trifles (layer with whipped cream and fruit) or you can crumble them to make cake pops or to create toppings for fruit desserts.

And if all that fails, try to find a spot to compost them, instead of throwing them away.

Those are just some initial ideas, though. Readers? Any thoughts?

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(Image: Martha Stewart)

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