Good Question: Designing a Party

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Help! I’m struggling with a food/design problem and need this site’s help!

I’m a design student, and this semester my class received a very interesting and unusual project – to design a party/art show. I am in charge of food, beverages, and table design for the party, and I was hoping that all the good people here could give me some advice as to what kind of food and drinks to prepare for 100 to 150 people (with a highly limited budget)

The theme is “wonder” and the food and drinks have to be highly reflective of this idea.

My only thoughts so far are to have structural, nontraditional serving pieces like at Alinea in Chicago, and, as for the food, I was thinking individual portions that deal with the element of surprise (like layers or things that are covered in pastry, chocolate, etc… so that you can’t see what’s inside).

Any suggestions would be very appreciated, as I feel that I am in way over my head at the moment (and I will receive a grade for it-scary!)

Thanks so much,


I’m going to put this one out to the team… I’m sure they will come up with some great answers.

Good luck!