How Can I Use Up Fresh Oranges?

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Q: What are some creative ways to use up the 15 or so Florida oranges I received in a Christmas fruit basket? We rarely snack on oranges in our household, and I hate for them to go to waste!

Sent by Callie

Editor: Callie, our first instinct is to urge you to eat those oranges up; we love fresh winter citrus, and a really good orange is such a pleasure. But if you think you just won’t eat them, what about juicing them? That many oranges should give you at least a few glasses of sweet, fresh-pressed juice. You can zest the skin, too, and use it in cakes or cookies.

And finally, what about these Blood Orange Jelly Smiles? You take oranges and orange juice and mix in a little gelatin for a really fun (and light!) sweet.

Readers, and other thoughts for Callie?

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