Good Question: Unearthing Old NY Times Recipes

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Dear The Kitchen,

Does anyone else have a hard time unearthing recipes from the NY Times online search?

I just know that there was a great slow cook pasta sauce recipe I found in the Times a year or so ago. It was stew beef, canned tomatoes, carrots, and then you topped the pasta with some orange zest at the end. I guess this is the kind of thing I can try to re-create without the recipe, but I feel bent on finding that specific recipe. Guess it’s time for me to come up with some kind of recipe tracking system.



We know your pain! When you go to the Times’ Dining & Wine page, there is a nifty little search box for NYC restaurants, and even one for bars… but nothing for recipes. Shocking!

Your best bet is to brave the regular old search box up at the top of the page and type in as much as you can remember. I tried “recipe pasta orange zest” and the fifth hit was it. Now, the problem with this system is that if the article you’re looking for is more than a week old, it goes into the “Times Select” archive, which means if you’re a home-delivery subscriber, or an online subscriber to Times Select, you can get these article for free. Otherwise, you have to pay up.

In your case, the article (THE CHEF: JAMIE OLIVER; ‘Spag Bol,’ for Italians Real and Imagined) was published on November 5, 2003, it was by Amanda Hesser, about Jamie Oliver’s “Spag Bol” – or good old Spaghetti Bolognese. The recipe itself is called “Pappardelle with Beef Ragú.”