Ideas for Cheap and Homemade Christmas Gifts?

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Q: I’m looking for some cheap, homemade ideas for Christmas gifts. I was thinking flavored salts or olive oils, but am not extremely cooking-savvy, so also want it to be fairly easy.

Was hoping for some ideas from the many creative readers out there — and if it can be easily shipped, that would make it even better. We are going to be on a plane, so the less we have to fly with, the happier we will be.

Sent by Brie

Editor: Brie, thanks for the last-minute opportunity to point to a few good homemade gifts! We really like fudge, brittle, and candied nuts, which are slightly more involved since they do involve cooking sugar, but they are lighter and easier to ship than jarred oils or sauces.

But having said that, without further ado, are two roundups of our guides to edible gifts this year!

Any good last-minute food gift suggestions for Brie?

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