What Can I Do With Dry, Overcooked Pork Leftovers?

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Q: We were served pork crown roast for Christmas Eve dinner and went home with the leftovers. The only problem is the pork is very, very dry and inappropriate for re-heating or even for sandwiches. My mother suggested 15-bean soup, but I’m not a fan of that concoction the way she is, plus we have enough pork for about 3 large batches of it. Are there any other good ideas for what I should do with about 3 pounds of dry, overcooked pork?

Sent by Allison

Editor: Allison, overall, my suggestion would be to dice or shred it extra-fine and use it in places where its texture will be less of a problem: Breakfast burritos, cheesy pasta casserole, omelets, and soups. Along the lines of your mom’s suggestion, what about this soup? Maybe it’s a bit of a fresher option?

Readers, what else would you suggest?

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