Delicious and Impressive Dessert for Christmas Dinner?

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Q: I’m making a fancy dinner for my husband and parents for Christmas. I’d like it to be both delicious and impressive.

I’m a bit stuck on what to make for dessert. My mind leaps toward chocolate of some kind, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that. The menu so far consists of blue cheese gougeres, arugula salad with prosciutto and pine nuts, and chicken (or maybe veal) marsala with fresh pasta.

Do you have any suggestions for a dessert that would be festive, fancy, and go with the rest of the meal?

Sent by Claire

Editor: Claire, I personally love this cranberry cake, served with whipped cream. It tastes fresh and rich, and yet it’s not too difficult to make (and stores beautifully for a few days).

If you want something chocolate and very fun, what about these peppermint chocolate molten cakes from one of our guest posters this past week, Sara of Sprouted Kitchen? They look fantastic!

Or you could go all-out and all-traditional (French-style) and try a croquemboche! This tower of cream puffs is very impressive and fun to eat. (You could also do mini versions in wine flutes, like Liz shows in her post.) Cream puffs are very similar to the gougeres you are making already, and a sweet echo of the beginning of the meal might be a nice way to close it.

Readers, what would you suggest for Claire?

(Image: Liz of Zested)