Is Fresh Meat Meat Always Better Than Frozen?

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Q: I’d like to hear your opinion on this issue. People have been telling me that it’s better to buy fresh meat and freeze it yourself, rather than buying frozen meat. Now, I am aware that they may add some water to the frozen meat (and I’m talking about unprocessed meat), but the price difference between the two kinds doesn’t justify sticking to fresh meat, in the case I’m going to freeze it anyway. Am I missing something here?

Sent by Sagi

Editor: Sagi, my take on this question is that I know more about fresh meat; I can see when it has been butchered, and I know it is fresh. If I choose to freeze it, I have a definite date of when it was butchered and frozen. But frozen meat often doesn’t have a butchered date; it could be much less fresh than meat you freeze yourself.

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Readers, any other thoughts on this question?