Best Way to Organize Recipes from Many Sources?

updated Jun 14, 2019
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Q: What is the best way to organize recipes? I find recipes from a wide variety of sources (blogs, magazines, cookbooks, websites like Epicurious) so they aren’t all necessarily in the same format.

Is it better to print the online recipes or digitize the on-paper recipes? Anyone have a great system for organizing recipes that come from a variety of sources?

Sent by Caroline

Editor: This is a million-dollar question, Caroline, and many websites are cropping up in attempts to answer it. How do you aggregate and collect all your recipes in one place? The answer will be different for everyone, too, since we all have different preferences. Me, I’m barely organized; I keep a huge file of bookmarks, and I have cookbooks stacked all over the house.

Readers, what has worked for you? Have you gotten super organized with your recipes? How did you do it?

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