What Are Your Best Smart, Quick, Toddler-Friendly Meals?

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Q: As a mother of two year old twins, I’m constantly in the kitchen. The three squares plus various snacks here and there add up to a good amount of time.

My problem is that I can’t find a happy medium between frozen chicken nuggets and the overly-ambitious meals I find in toddler cookbooks.

Any suggestions on toddler friendly recipes that don’t take an hour to put together (or a minute in the microwave)?

Sent by Kristin

Editor: Kristin, there are some good ideas:

One other approach is to lean on foods that can be prepped ahead; make big batches of pasta, couscous, or grains and supplement these with chopped fruit and veggies for quick meals.

Readers, what do you recommend? What sorts of toddler meals have worked best for you?

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