How Should I Adjust Recipes to Allow for Salted Butter?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: Being a broke college student, I don’t always have the funds to feed my baking addiction. So my very sweet grandmother took it upon herself to stock me up with flour, white sugar, brown sugar, and butter. Unfortunately, she purchased me a hefty amount of SALTED butter.  

I don’t use much butter aside from baking, so I’m wondering if leaving out the salt that recipes call for and using salted butter would make a difference in flavor or texture?

Sent by Amanda

Editor: Amanda, how totally sweet and thoughtful of your grandmother! That’s a splendid gift. Honestly, even though we also only use unsalted butter, we are not too worried about substituting it here. We would start by reducing your salt by half, and then taste as you go.

Also, remember that butter can be frozen. If you want to save this butter for your bread and toast, and also for other cooking (like caramelizing onions, which salted butter is great for) then freeze this and bring it out stick by stick as you need it.

Any other suggestions for Amanda?