My Homemade Mayonnaise Curdled! Can I Fix It?

published Jun 27, 2011
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Q: I tried making my own olive oil mayonnaise the other day. I thought things were going just fine, but near the end things seemed to be getting out of control. I’m thinking that it curdled and broke. I added the lemon juice last instead of first, so maybe that was my problem I decided to save it to see if there was any way to save it and not waste all of the good oil. Can I still fix it? Or is it a waste?

Sent by Christi

Editor: Christi, yes, adding the lemon juice at the end may have caused the emulsification of the egg and oil to break down. But it’s OK — you can save it! Take a look at these two posts for some thoughts on saving a curdled mayo. Just add a dribble of water and whisk it back together:

Readers, any advice?

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