What Were the Brown, Salty Bits in My Salted Lemonade?

published Jun 22, 2011
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Q: I went out to lunch recently in Seattle’s Chinatown and ordered what the menu called a “Salted Lemonade“. I had seen recipes for Salted Lemonade in the past, and I was expecting there to be preserved (or fresh) lemons as a garnish.

I was surprised when my drink came and there were dark brown bits of what I can only describe as looking like Beauty Bark used in landscaping floating in the bottom of my glass. I fished out one of these unappetizing little chunks and found that they were the source of the salt! Intrigued, I have been exhausting every source trying to figure out what these little salty bits are. If anyone has any ideas, I would sure love to hear it!

Sent by Hayley

Editor: How fascinating! We have no idea what these brown bits are. If they were sweet we would imagine jaggery or some kind of rough sugar. But salty? Anyone know?

(Image: My Recipes)