Help Me Recreate This Korean Cabbage Soup!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: I discovered Korean food when I was living in Qingdao, China, since so many Koreans live there. It quickly became my one of my favorite cuisines. My coworker’s wife made this amazing cabbage soup. It was cold, and seemed to be the draining liquid from making a quick-type kimchi. It was salty, cold, a little spicy. I just bought a Napa cabbage to make it but can’t find anything on Google about how to make it or what its name is.

Any help would be SO appreciated on this tenth anniversary of my being “home” here — when I’d really prefer to be there!

Sent by Joan

Editor: Joan, that sounds delicious. Can anyone help Joan out? Do you know this soup, or at least one that sounds like it?

(Image: Emily Ho)