Best Inexpensive Fish or Seafood for Grilling?

published Jun 10, 2011
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Q: I am hosting a BBQ for around 10 to 15 close friends. My boyfriend and I are pescatarian, and while I am open to inviting the carnivores in attendance to bring their own hot dogs or other meat, I want to make one “main” that everyone can eat, too.

So I am looking for a fairly inexpensive fish (since I need to buy a lot of it) that will be good prepared in a simple way on the grill.

Any thoughts and/or recipes?

Sent by Arielle

Editor: Arielle, here are a few ideas from the archives:

I especially like the idea of doing halibut in small foil packets, along with plenty of vegetables. You can stretch just a few pounds to feed quite a lot of people this way. If you do go with halibut, look for Alaskan or Pacific wild-caught halibut, which is well-rated by the Seafood Watch. Atlantic halibut has been quite overfished and is ranked as “Avoid” for that reason.

Readers, any thoughts or ideas for Arielle?

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