Is It Rude to Ask Guests to Bring Their Own Meat to a BBQ?

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Q: My housemates and I just moved to an apartment with a backyard and a barbeque. We are really excited to fill the yard with friends all summer long. The thing is, we’re all vegetarian, and so none of us knows much about buying and cooking meat. Is it rude to invite people to “B.Y.O. Meat” BBQs?

Sent by Claudia

Editor: Claudia, there was quite a debate over this very question in a recent post:

Frankly, I do not see any problem with asking a group of friends, invited to a casual backyard cook-out, to bring the type of protein they prefer. If someone would rather have heritage-quality pork chops, brined for three days in a complex mix of herbs and spices, well they can do so. If others like their veggie patties or hot dogs, those are welcome as well.

I would just add that perhaps in this case it’s best if you and your roommates lay on a spread of pies, salads, and other side dishes, and let your guests know that all they need to bring is something for the grill, as well as themselves.

Readers, any thoughts on this?

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