How Can I Make Cake Pops Less Sweet?

updated May 12, 2022
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Q: Speaking of cake pops — any tips on making them less sweet? I know they are an inherently sweet dessert, but I have reservations serving them as I feel they might be too sweet for most people.

I’ve make the version from Bakerella’s book with her homemade white cake recipe and storebought icing. (A compromise as I was short for time). PS. Shark-jumped or not, they are new to most of my friends and impressing them is fun!

Sent by Heather

Editor: Heather, this is a good question. I imagine that you could use a barely-sweetened muffin recipe, like these Lemon Sesame Muffins (leave out the sesame seeds and cut the sugar down to 1/2 cup). Then smoosh it with barely-sweetened cream cheese icing and dip.

Personally, this sounds a lot more attractive to me than the traditional cake pop. I like the idea of a candy-coated exterior with a barely-sweet yet still cakey center. Has anyone ever tried this, or something like it?

One other way to go, of course, is to invest in this cake pop maker, which lets you bake whatever you like into a little round ball. This is good for those who like cake pops’ look but not their smooshed-cake texture, and you can make completely sugar-free cakes in here that all ready to be popped on a stick.

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