Help Me Find a Budget-Friendly, Easy-Clean Juicer!

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Q: I’m looking to plunge into the world of juicing and would like to purchase a budget-friendly, easy-clean juicer for my small kitchen. I am wondering if you may have any suggestions on what brands or characteristics to look for when looking!

Sent by Megan

Editor: Megan, Emily has reviewed two great juicers; these might be good places to start:

The Hurom juicer has been racking up great reviews but it is much pricier — over $300. The Breville juicer is also a good pick, and it is only about $100.

Those are just two juicers, though — the ones we have complete reviews for.

Readers, what juicer do you own, and do you like it? What would you look for in a new one?

(Image: Emily Ho)