Help! My Forgetful Roommate Doesn’t Turn Off the Stove!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: In our San Franciscan flat we have three roommates, and we’re all avid cooks. Problem is, twice in three months one of the flatmates has left the gas stove flame on, and left the house. Hours later upon realization and smell of gas we were terrified!

How do we get this new cook to not be forgetful and keep us all safe?

Sent by Gina

Editor: Gina, yikes! This is definitely scary. We’ve forgotten to turn off the oven plenty of times, and that’s bad enough, but the stove is even worse. Can you hang a reminder note on the front door, perhaps? Or above the stove?

Readers, what would you suggest?

(Image: Flickr member twid licensed under Creative Commons)