What Are Some Good Recipes with Fresh Peas?

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Q: My nutritionist wants me to incorporate more cooked vegetables into my diet. I have plenty of recipes for carrots, cauliflower, string beans — but nothing really for peas. I’d like to avoid mixing them with starches such as pasta and potatoes.

What I’m really looking for are other ways to season them or cook them as a side dish besides just adding a little butter and salt after I boil them. Any ideas or recipes?

Sent by Jessica

Editor: Jessica, we love this time of year, because peas are coming out of the garden and the farmers’ markets instead of the freezer. A few ideas: It’s Breakfast Week around here, and so we have omelets on the brain. Why not throw some peas into an omelet with a little mint or parsley? You can also try one of these yummy dishes:

Readers, what would you suggest for Jessica?

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