Can I Make Bread Without a Stand Mixer?

published Feb 25, 2011
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Q:  It seems like most bread recipes require a KitchenAid mixer outfitted with a paddle or bread hook to make bread.

Can The Kitchn provide recipes or guidance on making bread without appliances? Thanks!

Sent by Ilona

Editor: Ilona, that’s too bad that so many recipes assume that you’re using a stand mixer. Bread can easily be made without appliances — it’s such an ancient, elemental food, and people have been making it without mixers for thousands of years. Here are 15 tutorials on doing everything from mixing to kneading to shaping bread:

And of course there is always No-Knead Bread!

Readers, do you have any good resources or cookbooks for baking bread that don’t assume that you have a mixer?

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