Storing and Organizing Bulk Foods in a Small Kitchen?

published Feb 22, 2011
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Q: Over the last couple of years I’ve started buying a lot more bulk items in an effort to cook more whole foods for health, and also for the economical factor. I’m wondering if anyone has a great idea for how to store and organize all of these bulk items (beans, oats, flours, nuts and other grains) in an attractive way in a small kitchen. My limited counter is becoming over run with glass canisters, and my pantry is filled with twist-tied bags. Help!

Sent by Lynell

Editor: Lynell, we definitely are in favor of using Mason jars for bulk storage; they are beautiful, in an old-fashioned way, and they are also inexpensive. Do you have a closet or cupboard where you could have shelves built specifically for Mason jar heights? You can pack a lot into a small space if the shelves are built to maximize the amount of jars. I did this in part of my pantry:

Readers, what has worked well for you in storing bulk grains and nuts? Obviously Lynell may need containers that are larger than Mason jars; do you have any recommendations?

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