How Can I Make Whirly Pop Lollipops?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: I am getting married next spring (on a SUPER tiny budget) and want have some really fun favors for the many children attending. I thought that Whirly Pops (those giant lollipops) would be a big hit. However, they are kind of out of our price range. Does anyone know how to make these? I have experience making traditional lollipops but am unsure of how to roll and twist the candy into the necessary Whirly Pop shape (without burning myself!).

Sent by Cris

Editor: Cris, what a fun idea! We have no idea, though, how easy or difficult it would be to make these. Readers, do you have any idea? Have you ever attempted a sugar project like this? Or do you perhaps have other ideas for favors?