Best Things to Eat With Soup to Make a Complete Meal?

published Feb 17, 2011
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Q: I’ve never been much of a soup or stew eater. Growing up, soup meant chicken noodle or tomato from a can with grilled cheese sandwiches. On the rare occasion my mother made stew, it was beef stew over rice. The end. Recently I tried making a from-scratch potato soup, and I thought, “Maybe this is why I see so many soup recipes online. I love this!” It was so simple, but still delicious.

Problem is, I have no idea what to serve with soup (other than grilled cheese sandwiches). I had a restaurant-prepared soup that I liked in a bread bowl once, but again, though it filled me up I wouldn’t have considered that a complete meal. What does one eat with soup when they want to make a full meal out of it? I’m totally lost. Some ideas and/or recipes would be helpful.

Sent by April

Editor: April, what a great question! Readers, what are your favorite ways to round soup out into a full meal? Salads and sandwiches are the obvious choices, but do you have other favorite accompaniments for soup?