How Do I Get Stinky Coffee Smell Out of My Travel Mug?

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Q: How do I get that stinky coffee smell out of my travel mug?

I usually drink tea, but occasionally I’ll fill up with coffee instead for a mid-afternoon pick-me up. Afterwards, the coffee odor/taste lingers for days/weeks, polluting the delicate flavor of my tea!! I’ve tried vigorous scrubbing/soaking/baking soda, but nothing seems to get rid of the lingering bitterness in my mug. Help! How do I cure my travel mug of its stinky-coffee blues?

Sent by Julia

Editor: Julia, we’re curious whether your mug is plastic or metal. We’ve had problems getting odors out of plastic mugs, and if you’re using something plastic we simply recommend switching to a stainless steel model.

But if you’re having trouble with a metal travel mug we’re very curious what our readers will say. Got any advice for getting icky coffee bitterness out of a travel mug?

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