Help Me Make the Most of My Brand-New Blender!

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Q: My mom got me a blender for Christmas. Awesome, right? I totally wanted one, and it’s what I asked for. But there it sits in its box… unused.

I’m not sure what to make with it! I know smoothies are the obvious answer, and yes, that will be a great thing for me and my husband to have for breakfast since we commute. But what else can I use it for? Can you recommend any recipes other than smoothies for me to make with my brand new appliance??

Sent by Alison

Editor: Alison, congrats on your new blender! This question reminds me of another question we had during Soup Week:

Read through the comments there; they will probably give you some good ideas! And yes, I would definitely recommend soup. Perhaps this creamy leek and yogurt soup?

Readers, help Alison out — how should she break in her new blender?

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