What Can I Substitute for Dairy and Coconut Milk?

updated May 2, 2019
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Q: My husband is allergic to dairy and coconut. We both love spicy curry-like foods, but I miss the extra zing a dollop of yogurt or coconut milk adds to curries. While I could certainly just add those to my own dishes, I want my husband to be able to experience that extra flavor as well.

Is there a good substitution for yogurt or coconut milk in this context?

Sent by Tiffany

Editor: Tiffany, there are quite a few non-dairy yogurt and sour cream options now available. Most are made from soy or rice. One I particularly like is Tofutti’s version of sour cream. (Their cream cheese alternative is also very good.) Look for these in the dairy case of your grocery, or at a health food store.

Readers, any particular brands you like, or other suggestions for Tiffany?

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