What Are the Best Kinds of Cookie Sheets?

published Dec 14, 2010
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(Image credit: Faith Durand)

Q: I’d love to hear everyone’s opinion on the best kind of cookie sheets. I recently made a puff pastry tart on one of the airbake sheets and then cut the tart into sections on the sheet… duh, not realizing I would cut into the material of the cookie sheet.

Maybe there are two best kinds of cookie sheet — one that you can cut things on, and one that just turns out awesome cookies?

Sent by Emily

Editor: Emily, I have a pretty strong preference for commercial-quality half-sheet pans. (Ina Garten says that she thinks are a really overlooked and helpful basic, too.)

These are heavy-duty, and they won’t warp at all! They aren’t nonstick, but I never have problems with them; just grease them or use parchment. They conduct heat evenly without the air-baking gimmick. You can find these at any restaurant supply shop and on Amazon. They aren’t just for cookie-baking, too; you can use them for everything from roasting pork chops to toasting nuts to baking a loaf of bread.

Readers, what are your favorite cookie sheets?

(Image: Faith Durand)