Help! I Need Make-Ahead Wedding Cake Ideas

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Q: Hi! I have a situation in need of ideas. I will have family over for my first Christmas dinner. I live in Spain (in the mountains in a small town) and the big night is on the 24th. The 26th is my partner’s birthday, so I am also in charge of another dinner. That’s all under control.

The “problem” is I am getting married on the 27th. Yes, I know. And we decided to get catering, but I could not handle having someone else make the dessert for my wedding. So I need ideas of something that can either be made ahead of time, kept in the freezer and little prep work before it goes on the table. We will only be 25 people (it’s a lunch celebration) and I am not a wedding person, so simple dessert is good. Any help please!!??

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Editor: Itzel, congratulations! It sounds like you are going to have some wonderful parties this winter! And a cake is no problem at all! Most wedding cakes freeze very well — even the simple, bland traditional white cakes. But why not break away from that and do something chocolate? I’ll give you some tips from my own wedding. I made a rustic-style almost-flourless chocolate cake. I also made an olive oil lemon cake. Both froze beautifully. The chocolate one even improved in the freezer! (The flavors bloomed.)

Simply bake ahead, freeze, and take out the day before you want to serve them, and let them defrost while loosely covered. Decorate with seasonal fruit (no need to frost them!) and enjoy.

Since you are only serving 25 people, two cakes would be plenty. (I had about 135 people at my wedding, and it still wasn’t too strenuous to make cake for that many. It really helps to do it ahead!)

Here are the recipes I used:

In progress:

And how it all looked:

Readers, any more ideas or inspiration for Itzel?

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