Is It Possible to Freeze Pumpkin or Pecan Pies?

Is It Possible to Freeze Pumpkin or Pecan Pies?

Faith Durand
Nov 19, 2010

Q: I saw your post on freezing fruit pies and I was wondering if it works with pumpkin and pecan pies as well.

I am bringing three pies to an out-of-town Thanksgiving meal and don't have the necessary tools to make the pies there. Can I freeze them, bring them with me, and warm them there?

Sent by Laura

Editor: Laura, in our research on this topic (we want to freeze some pies too!) we discovered that while it is possible to freeze pumpkin pies, it's not the best. Thawing out frozen pumpkin pie often makes it watery. You are probably better off freezing the crust, then pouring in the filling and baking. (Or you could just make a straight-up frozen pumpkin pie! Or a pumpkin cheesecake; those freeze much better.)

Pecan pies, on the other hand, freeze beautifully. Just let a fresh pecan pie cool completely, then wrap tightly and freeze. Thaw in the refrigerator, or reheat for 20 minutes in a low oven.

Readers, any experience with freezing Thanksgiving pies?


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