Looking for Diabetic-Friendly Desserts for Thanksgiving

published Nov 18, 2010
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Q: I’m making desserts for Thanksgiving. My dad was recently diagnosed with diabetes.

Any suggestions for some delicious diabetic desserts?

Sent by Harmony

Editor: Harmony, this is a tough one. You can go a couple routes: Find a recipe for a pie or cake that includes artificial sweetener, like Splenda; or avoid sweets altogether. Since your dad is recently diagnosed, and, as our commenters pointed out last time we discussed a similar question, the holidays can be very fraught and difficult for diabetics.

It may be better to stay away from sweets completely, and go with a cheese platter. You could bring a selection of really delicious and decadent cheeses, like a triple-creme and a stinky blue cheese. Pair with some roasted nuts and you have yourself a great way to finish a meal without sugar.

Readers, what are your suggestions for Harmony and her dad?

(Image: Faith Durand)

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