Thanksgiving Dinner for Two in a Tokyo Kitchen?

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Q: Happy November to The Kitchn! I’m a dedicated reader who just moved to Tokyo. I need help preparing a Thanksgiving meal for my husband and myself. We have 2 burners, a small microwave, and a very small toaster oven.

Any tips on traditional scaled down recipes for stuffing, potatoes, and some kind of poultry would be amazing! We are excited to celebrate the holidays on our own, but we know we will be missing out on a lot of oven baked goodness!

Sent by Amy

Editor: Amy, happy November to you, too! What an exciting sort of Thanksgiving, and what a challenge, too! For poultry, what about a braised chicken — maybe even the Jamie Oliver version? This would translate well to the stove.

We also just explained how we make impromptu, no-recipe mashed potatoes for just one or two people:

And for dessert, you could do some kind of warm pumpkin pudding or custard.

Recipe: Honey Pumpkin Créme Brúlée – These can be baked in the toaster oven.


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