Oops! I Got Persimmons. Now What Do I Do With Them? Good Questions

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Q: I’ve recently moved to a foreign country where I’m still working on the language. I intended to buy tomatoes today, but due to a combination of poor translation and observation skills, I’ve ended up with a ton of persimmons.

I’ve never cooked with persimmons before — any ideas what I can do with them?

Sent by Lauren

Editor: Lauren, congratulations! Persimmons are quite a treat, actually. The first thing you need to do, though, is figure out which variety of persimmons you have. Ripeness and when you can eat them really depends on whether they are Fuyu or Hachiya. Check out these posts to help you identify them:

Once you’ve figured that out, here are a few recipe ideas, and I am sure that the readers will offer more.

Enjoy your persimmons!

(Image: Emily Ho)