What Are Good Meals to Cook Together as a Group? Good Questions

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Q: I’m renting a house for a long weekend with six friends. We’ll have a nice big stocked kitchen and a grocery store nearby. Some of us are foodies, others will help but are more eaters than cookers.

What are some good things to cook as a group, together?

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Editor: Juniper, we’d suggest meals that give everyone something to do, obviously — but these don’t have to be limited to cooking. Have someone set (and decorate) the table; someone else can make mixed drinks or open wine. For meals, we’d suggest things like tacos, fajitas, or tossed salads that go faster with many hands chopping and prepping. There are some other good ideas for inexpensive group meals in this post, too:

Readers, what are your suggestions for amicable weekend getaway cooking?