Should I Buy a Tilt-Head or Bowl-Lift KitchenAid Mixer? Good Questions

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Q: I’m shopping for a KitchenAid stand mixer and I’d like know The Kitchn community’s opinion of the tilt-head models versus the bowl-lift models.

KitchenAid doesn’t seem to offer any information on the differences between them other than what’s obvious: one of them is taller with arms to hold the bowl, and one of them is shorter with a hinged head that tilts back. But the more expensive “professional” models all feature the bowl-lift design, while the cheaper models are all tilt-head. Does this mean the bowl-lift is better?

I need some advice — should i shell out for the bowl-lift design? Which model did other readers choose, and are you happy with the result? — Sent by Jen

Editor: Jen, I have wondered about this too. I have used both the tilt-head and bowl-lift models, and I chose the bowl-lift model for my own KitchenAid. I did this partly because I wanted it to fit under the kitchen cupboards, and there was just enough room for it. There was no room to tilt the head back under there. Also, I did want a stronger model.

Readers, do you have any more insight on the bowl-lift or tilt-head models of KitchenAid stand mixers? Which one do you have?

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