Good Question: What Wine Magazine Should I Get?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s a good question from reader Maggie:

My father is notoriously hard to shop for and Christmas gifts usually end up pretty uninspired. He does love food and wine though, so when we make the trip to the States from New Zealand we bring some great local wines and unusual pantry items. This year we won’t be together at Christmas, so I’ve struck the idea to buy him a subscription to a wine magazine.

But which one? Wine Spectator? Wine Enthusiast? Which one would you choose for a mostly $10-a-bottle kind of guy?

Maggie, we unfortunately don’t have a lot of advice on this one. We’re going to open it up to the readers. Just one note: maybe opt for Food & Wine, which combines both recipes and wine coverage? We always enjoyed this magazine.

But on the question of magazines oriented just towards wine writing, we’re tossing it out to the readers. What would you tell Maggie?