Good Question: What Should I Make With Sour Cherries?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Reader Laura asks:

I was lucky enough to buy a quart of sour cherries at the Union Square Greenmarket today and now I am wondering what kind of dessert to make with them. Ideas?

Laura, this is one of our favorite types of questions! We love sour cherries, and they are great to bake with – better than the darker, sweeter cherries. They hold their shape a bit better and they have a more complex flavor for baking.

Honestly, our favorite thing to do with cherries is clafoutis. This is an eggy, sweet pancake-like breakfast dish stuffed with cherries. It would make a lighter dessert – not too sweet or rich.

If you want something a little sweeter, try one of these two recipes from Epicurious:

Any more ideas for Laura? What’s your favorite sour cherry dessert?

(Images: Sang An for Gourmet; James Wojcik for Bon Appétit)