Good Question: What Should I Do With This Honey?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s a delicious problem from reader Torrie:

I need some help coming up with some creative recipes and uses for honey. My grandmother gave me this huge Ball jar full of organic honey directly from my great-uncle Hoover’s farm. I’ve been using the honey in tea and on biscuits, but I’d like to find some more creative ways to use it. Any suggestions?

Torrie, thanks for sending in the question — and thank you for the photo of all that delicious honey and honeycomb! Honey is one of my favorite things; it’s good in tea, on biscuits, on toast, and definitely with peanut butter too. One favorite recipe is a honey ice cream: it uses very few ingredients. Just honey, cream, milk, and vanilla.

A similar dessert recipe is panna cotta; just honey, cream, and gelatin. It lets the flavor of the honey really shine through:

I also go through copious amounts of honey in ginger tea:

Those are just a few small ideas to get you started. Readers — take it away! What would you do with that giant delicious jar of honey?

(Image: Torrie)