Good Question: Quick and Easy Salad With Ripe Peaches?

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Laure from AT: Los Angeles wrote to us yesterday with an excellent question about fresh peaches. She writes:

I have some incredible perfectly ripe peaches that I desperately want work into a green salad. I know I’ve eaten one before and it was delicious (hmm was it paired with goat cheese, I can’t remember). Do you have any favorite peach related green salad recipes that are along the lines of: rip up the peach, throw in some nuts and green stuff, toss in a dressing and you’re ready to go?

Laure, fresh peaches in a green salad sound great. We’re jealous – fresh peaches aren’t in season here yet.

We have a couple of thoughts. First of all, you could easily improvise by following our rule of thumb with salads: something salty, something sweet, something soft, and something crunchy. In this case the goat cheese is soft, the peaches are sweet (and soft), and you could add pistachios for salty and crunchy. Hold to this partially with the vinaigrette too; balance some good olive oil with a touch of vinegar or lemon juice and some salt and pepper. Add a dash of sugar if you want it sweeter. The key is to taste as you go along.

Another good vinaigrette is in this recipe:
Recipe: Spinach, Peach and Walnut Salad

This one calls for dried peaches, so there is more liquid than you would need her. We plumped up our dried peaches with wine and orange juice. But you could follow the general format

If you want try grilled peaches, take a look at Emily’s LA farmers market report. Grilled peaches with goat cheese! Delicious!
LA Farmers’ Market Report: Peaches and Goat Cheese

And finally, you can also take a look at this Epicurious recipe for inspiration:
Garden Greens With Yellow Tomatoes And Peaches

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