Good Question: What Is This Stringed Gadget?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s a request for help from Karen, Christina, and Kristen — what is this gadget?

Dear Kitchen connoisseurs,
We found this in our kitchen. What is it used for? We used it to zest a lemon (and my pinky too) so far…please help!

Karen, Christina, and Kristen, congratulations! You have a…..

….Tomato slicer!

Yes, that’s right, this vintage gadget was designed to slice tomatoes. This stumped us for a little while; I though it was a cheese slicer, and Sara Kate suggested egg slicer. I ventured off briefly into the world of butter slicers, but finally I found the twin of your gadget here:

Having said that, it would probably work fine for cheese and butter too, as well as hard-boiled eggs. But when summer comes around, you have this handy little unitasker for perfect tomato slices, too.


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