Good Question: What Is This Anise Liquor?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Tamara writes in with a good problem – unidentified (but interesting-looking!) liquor. She says:

My sister just moved and I inherited some odd liquors from her that she didn’t feel like trucking across the country. One is a bottle of Palinka (Hungarian fruit brandy, this one is cherry). At my Hungarian aunt’s house I’ve always sipped this cold and straight, but I’m sure it could be the basis of some sort of delicious cocktail.

The other stumps me more. It’s a Spanish anise-flavored liquor called Anis del Mono with a scary-looking monkey on the label. I have never heard of this before and am at a loss as to what to do with it. The only anise liquor I’ve had before is pastis, but this doesn’t seem to be so pastis-y. Ideas?

Tamara, we initially were reminded of Pernod, the famous anise-flavored liquor. Anis del Mono seems like it is similar to Pernod. We went and looked it up in the CocktailDB, a good resource for liquors. They said that this is a Catalan liqueur with a limited availability in the States. It’s also considered to be very good.

Anis del Mono listing at CocktailDB.

There is a recipe suggestion there but we’ll also throw it open to the readers. Do you have drink suggestions for either of Tamara’s new liquor cabinet additions – cherry brandy and Anis del Mono?