Good Question: What Is the Best Pancake Spatula?

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Can you help Hilary choose a great pancake spatula for her boyfriend?

My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up, and he is a stellar pancake maker. But we don’t own a great spatula. I’ve looked around at my options (Oxo/Calphalon/etc.), but I wanted an opinion from the experts. What’s the best pancake spatula available?

Hilary, I consulted the expert pancake maker in my household (my husband) and he just shrugged and said “something thin.” I agree; I think that the best pancake spatulas have a very thin edge to let you get under the delicate half-cooked pancake to flip it without it wrinkling or tearing. We use a metal spatula, since we have a griddle for pancakes, but if you use a nonstick pan or skillet you might want a rubber or silicone spatula. I just donated my rubber spatula, though; I didn’t find it thin enough or strong enough.

Other than that, I don’t have a lot of advice. Readers — do you have any good advice on pancake spatulas?

The spatulas pictured above, from left to right:
Spatula, Slotted – This turner-style spatula is good for very high heat, and it’s also the sort of spatula recommended by
MIU Flexible Pancake Spatulas – These nylon spatulas get great reviews, and their width seems helpful for flipping large pancakes.
Oxo Good Grips Stainless Serving Spatula – This is not a traditional pancake spatula at all, but sometimes I have used a similar utensil for flipping and moving pancakes. The length is actually very helpful, and this kind of spatula will do double duty elsewhere.

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