Good Question: What Do I Do With A Basket of Jalapeños?

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Hi! At our recent Austin, Texas, farmer’s market, I scored an amazing deal on a basket of jalapeños. I planned to share them with friends but still have a bunch left over, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what to do with them other than stuffing them. I’d appreciate any ideas.

Thanks a lot!
– Elizabeth

Elizabeth, given that it’s Grilling Month, our inclination is towards some sort of grilled pepper. Jalapeños have a kick, so don’t attempt these unless you like some hot and spicy food. If you do, then these sound just fabulous:

You did say that you wanted some ideas other than stuffed peppers, and while these are admittedly still stuffed peppers, the fact that they’re grilled makes them sound really good to us. Here’s another version – but it’s a little more over the top!

Here are a few more recipes we found that sound like a good use for all your peppers.

You can also preserve the chilies in this sauce:
Southeast Asian Roasted Chile Sauce

OK – more ideas for Elizabeth?

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