Good Question: What Dessert Goes with Mexican Food?

This is a dilemma we’ve faced before, and it isn’t helped by the blah desserts we usually find on the menus of Mexican restaurants. Here’s a question from Renee:

I’m supposed to take dessert to a dinner party tomorrow night. What do you recommend to go with a Mexican meal?

We’re assuming that this meal will be the type of Mexican food we’re used to in American restaurants: tortilla chips, guacamole, beans, spicy meat, and lots of cheese. All of that adds up to a pretty heavy meal (plus sweet margaritas). A good antidote to that might be a citrus dessert- something flavored with lime or orange.

Mexico is also known for flan, really good vanilla, chocolate (which the Aztecs gave us, thank you very much), and spices like cinnamon and ground chiles. There are also churros, the long Spanish doughnuts that are also popular in Mexico, and sopaipillas, which are very much like beignets.

Here are some recipes:
Spicy Boozy Mousse, from the Kitchn
Rosemary Lime Sparkle Ice Cream, from our Best Lick! Contest (above, right)
Clementine Cake, from Nigella Lawson
Classic Flan, from Bon Appétit
Coffee Flan, from Gourmet
Chocolate Chili Bites, from Chocolate & Zucchini (which Faith reviewed here)
Churros, from Michelle Bernstein (above, left)
Cinnamon Ice Cream, from Gale Gand

Any other suggestions for Renee?

(Images: Food Network; reader Marilyn)