Good Question: What Can I Substitute for Dijon Mustard?

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We are definitely not qualified to answer medical questions, so we’re a little stumped by this question from Selena. See our answers below, but can anyone help us out?

I need help with ingredient subsitutions. My dear husband is allergic to mustard, and so many fabulous recipes I come across call for Dijon mustard. Is there any good substitute for dijon mustard? Thank you!!

– Selena

Selena, is he allergic to mustard itself, or some other component of prepared mustard spreads?

Prepared mustard is made of crushed or ground mustard seeds with spices and a blend of vinegar or alcohol. Dijon mustard substitutes verjuice, the acidic “green” juice of the fresh pressed grapes, or another wine, for the alcohol or vinegar. It has a distinctively strong taste that sets it apart from other prepared mustards.

If your husband cannot have mustard in any form, yet you want the spicy-sweet sharpness that mustard adds to a recipe, we suggest trying horseradish instead. You can grate fresh horseradish root and puree with a little cream or sour cream and some honey for a sweet and tangy sauce.

You can also experiment with combinations of turmeric, a mildly sweet and bright yellow spice, garlic salt, and chili peppers.

But of course, since this is an allergy we’re talking about, ask your doctor first.

More ideas for Selena? Has anyone dealt with a mustard allergy?

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