Good Question: What Can I Do With Loquats?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Look at the beautiful loquats in this photo from reader Camilla. She is wondering what to do with all this fruit on her tree.

What do I do with loquats? I just moved to Southern California, and while I love the other fruit trees in my yard which I could identify, I spent a few weeks just trying to find out what the loquats were and now I’ve no idea what to do with them besides watching the squirrels and birds fight over the fallen fruit.

Camilla, lucky you! The loquat is a unique tree in that it bears fruit much earlier in the year, so April or May for California, and early spring or even late winter in other parts of the world. So while you have them, enjoy them! We think that the best way to use these is just to eat them straight. Peel the skin off the ripe fruit and enjoy!

But if you have a lot or want to try something else, they make great preserves. Loquats are distantly related to the apple, and they are high in pectin. So try simmering some together with a little sugar, water, and perhaps lemon zest until thick. Spread on toast and enjoy.

Readers — how do you like to use loquats?

(Image: Camilla)