Good Question: What Can I Cook With One Hand?

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Here’s a sad question from Emily, who has to cook one-handed for a little while. Can you help her?

I need some help! I broke my wrist — on my dominant hand, of course — and I’m having trouble finding things I can cook with one hand. My thumb is completely immobilized and will be for several weeks. I have celiac disease, so living on takeout is out of the question.

What can I make one-handed? I’m getting tired of frozen tamales from Trader Joe’s.

Emily, that is rough! You have our sympathies. Having just one hand in the kitchen is not easy; as we thought through various recipe suggestions we kept coming up against problems.

The first thing you should do is practice your one-handed egg-cracking technique!

Video: How to Crack an Egg With One Hand – This is impressive at any time and the skill will serve you well. Scrambled eggs with herbs are a good quick dinner at any time, and they are fairly easy to make with one hand.

Also, we think that this is a good time to get cozy with your oven. A lot of stovetop techniques really do require two hands, as well as heavy pots and pans that are hard to move with just one hand. It’s not safe to boil potatoes, for instance, in a big pot then try to move it off the stove one-handed.

No, we think you should use your broiler and oven a lot. For instance, you can buy fish fillets and marinate them in a little soy sauce. Put under the broiler for a quick supper. You can also do this with tofu. Try these recipes:

And tips here too:

And while you might want to quit eating Trader Joe’s burritos, don’t stop shopping at TJ’s and other groceries with a good selection of frozen vegetables. It’s hard to cut up a lot of vegetables one-handed, but TJ’s has some delicious mixes of vegetables, like their spicy green beans and ginger carrots. If these are OK for you to eat, nutritionally, then they make good meals even on their own. Edamame makes a great snack, too, as well as whole milk yogurt with jam or honey.

OK, there are ideas from us. Any tips from the readers?

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