Good Question: What Beers and Wines Pair With Stir-Fry?

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Allison is looking for beer and wine recommendations for her favorite fast, cheap dinner. Can you help?

In keeping with trying to keep dinners light, healthy and cheap, I’ve found myself making vegetable stir-fry a couple times a week. It’s really cutting down on costs because I can just buy whatever veggies are on sale that week at the store. I’ve been pairing the stir-fry with chicken or beef and I sometimes have veggie pot-stickers too.

My question is: what kinds of wine and beer pair well with stir-fry?

Mary is still away in France, so we thought we’ve give everyone a chance to answer this one! Allison, I have a limited set of recommendations for you, but I am sure the readers will give you lots of ideas!

Also, before we go any further, that delicious-looking stir-fry above is from Pithy & Cleaver, and it’s a Thai-style stir-fry. Yum! Also, stir-fry is a great thing to spotlight during Meat/Un-Meat Month. It’s easily all-veg and even vegan, and if you have a meat-eater to please, you can quickly fry in a few slices of pork or beef at the last minute.

• Get the recipe: Green Curry Stir Fry

OK, back to the question! Allison, for stir-fry, especially spicy stir-fry like the curry above, we usually recommend beer. We like light Japanese and Thai beers in this case, like Thai Singha lager. It’s rather pale and crisp, and very good with spicy food. Also try the Japanese Sapporo.

For wine, we’ll direct you to Mary’s post on wines for spicy foods. Even though your stir-fries may not all be spicy, a lot of similar flavors carry over, and there are some good ideas in there.

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