Good Question: Wall-Mounted Flatware Storage?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s a good question from reader Michael. He asks:

I’m moving into a condo with a small kitchen. There are only 2 drawers and they’re too skinny for any silverware organizer. Are there any good wall-mounted solutions besides the ones at IKEA? I don’t want to use what little counter space I have to store silverware.

Michael, we also had a hard time finding something that could fit your needs. IKEA does have a lot of options, like the ASKER system and its cute egg-shaped ceramic baskets that hang on a wall-mounted rail; you can see them used for flatware storage in Kyle’s colorful kitchen.

We did find a couple more options; see if one of these fits.

Forma Flatware organizer, $12. (Pictured above on the left.) This doesn’t seem to mount to the wall, but perhaps it could be put on a shelf or in a cupboard?
Under Cabinet Drop Down Knife Storage, $94.99. (Pictured above on the right.) This acrylic pull down drawer is intended for knives but could probably be adapted for flatware.
Under cabinet storage box, $27.95. This under-cabinet box is more multi-purpose (and much cheaper) and we think it could be the perfect solution for storing flatware and other small items in a tiny kitchen. Unfortunately this is currently out of stock everywhere we’ve looked!

Does anyone have any better options for Michael?