Good Question: What Does This Birdie Press?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Dear Kitchen,

I bought this cute little birdie on eBay; it was listed as a garlic press, but I’m certain that isn’t what it supposed to be. Its real purpose evades me. Does anyone know what this little birdie is for?

– Ana

Well, this sweet green bird is indeed a press – just not for garlic. It’s actually a lemon press! This charming little gadget lets you squeeze your lemon into your tea with just a touch more refinement; you slip a slice into the bird’s body and press down to make the juice pour out of its beak.

You can see a stainless steel model up close and in action here. It keeps your fingers clean, and it also keeps that citrus juice from getting into any cuts you might have on your hands. It’s definitely a one-use sort of tool, but it’s so cute I want one now too!